The Gradual Change

I am so tired of hearing about the debate between renewable energy and fossil fuels. There shouldn’t even be a debate. We as a civilization should be working towards the elimination of the usage of fossil fuels. We have the knowledge, technology, and will to ensure the success of renewable energy. To have certain people who just want to debunk everything about renewables is absurd. To tear up the only planet most of us will ever live on, is not only an abomination to what we hold most dear, life, but is also just plain stupid.

Yes, the current system we live on is designed to use fossil fuels. There’s no way we can just change our situation overnight. We have to take a gradual approach to implement the new systems that are coming online. There are a few ways this can be done without disrupting the comfort people are experiencing right now. I would say most people, but there are A LOT of people who do not enjoy what we do.

The first thing would be for every new home being built to have solar panels installed. Solar panels have come a long way since their conception. What once used to be an ugly eye sore, are now becoming more streamlined and attractive. And who wouldn’t want to have their own power grid in their home? NO need to rely or pay for someone else’s power. What is created from the panels is yours and yours alone. You could of course charge a company to use the extra energy you create to help your fellow humans with their energy needs if you so wished.

Second, a mini wind turbine placed somewhere on the property would help offset the days where the sun isn’t shining the brightest. And this could also be tied into the same personal power grid used for the solar panels. Again, with the option to sell it to a power company should you have any extra.

Next, EVERYONE should have a garden. Growing, shipping, and storing food is the largest waste of energy we have. Grocery stores, canning factories, and fleets of trucks to deliver everything use a large amount of these fossil fuels. If you cannot have a garden, then there should be land set aside for community gardens. If I need to tell you the benefits of a community garden, then you haven’t been paying attention to what is happening around you, and you need to turn off the TV, your phone, tablet or computer, and look at the ingredients on your food labels. What once was food, is no longer real food. It is processed, just like we are becoming by being glued to these new technologies.

Finally, we need to raise our own meats. That is, if you want to eat meat. Having a chicken coop, rabbit hutch, or pig pen, would drastically cut the use of fossil fuels. Plus the manure from these animals would help the plants in the garden get the nutrients they need to survive and thrive.

It’s not going to be easy to get off of fossil fuels. We have almost set up the system to fail if we do. But I believe that is not true. We are an innovative species. We harnessed fire, mastered stone and metal, and are now just starting to tap the natural resources of sun and wind to power our wants. Why not try to implement a few tiny ideas here and there. A series of small events can lead to great outcomes. The more people who get on board, the easier and quicker this will happen.


The Future of Renewables


Fossil fuels are going to become what they once were, extinct.

Too much has already been lost from tearing up Mother Earth to supply the population with an outdated form of energy. We have the knowledge, technology, and will power to end our need from this high pollutant.

And low and behold, the world’s “greatest” nation, is lacking something fierce in this aspect. We may have been the first nation on the moon, but we weren’t the first nation in space. We reached the moon first, because we thrive with competition.

Why can we not do this with renewable energy sources? Yes, Google, Apple, P&G, and Kaiser Permanente have all announced major projects to start using solar and wind power to help supply energy demands for their headquarters, but we still have companies like the Koch brothers pushing their own agendas in Congress to keep fossil fuels alive.

Why can not these companies understand the public wants a safe, healthy, clean alternative to the usage of fossil fuels?We want to see the advancements in the movies without the devastating effects that took place before the need to have those technologies.

And more importantly, why cannot we start to compete with other nations to see who can create the most effective use of these energies?

This blog isn’t just about solar and wind energy. I just wanted to throw out the 2 main renewables most people know about. There are 2 other issues I want to speak about as well; permaculture gardening and factory farming. If anything will help with renewables, it is the need to start providing for ourselves once again. Producing our own food would help keep tons of methane out of the atmosphere.

If there are any topics you would like me to discuss, please leave a comment below, and I will try my best to accommodate it. But you are free to accept or refuse this request.