The Future of Renewables


Fossil fuels are going to become what they once were, extinct.

Too much has already been lost from tearing up Mother Earth to supply the population with an outdated form of energy. We have the knowledge, technology, and will power to end our need from this high pollutant.

And low and behold, the world’s “greatest” nation, is lacking something fierce in this aspect. We may have been the first nation on the moon, but we weren’t the first nation in space. We reached the moon first, because we thrive with competition.

Why can we not do this with renewable energy sources? Yes, Google, Apple, P&G, and Kaiser Permanente have all announced major projects to start using solar and wind power to help supply energy demands for their headquarters, but we still have companies like the Koch brothers pushing their own agendas in Congress to keep fossil fuels alive.

Why can not these companies understand the public wants a safe, healthy, clean alternative to the usage of fossil fuels?We want to see the advancements in the movies without the devastating effects that took place before the need to have those technologies.

And more importantly, why cannot we start to compete with other nations to see who can create the most effective use of these energies?

This blog isn’t just about solar and wind energy. I just wanted to throw out the 2 main renewables most people know about. There are 2 other issues I want to speak about as well; permaculture gardening and factory farming. If anything will help with renewables, it is the need to start providing for ourselves once again. Producing our own food would help keep tons of methane out of the atmosphere.

If there are any topics you would like me to discuss, please leave a comment below, and I will try my best to accommodate it. But you are free to accept or refuse this request.


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